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13 Productions is a National Emmy Award-Winning Production Company based just north of  Boston, MA. Our humble beginnings had us supporting live sports broadcasts for ESPN remote productions. Week in and week out, we cranked out features, teases, and support content for X Games, NASCAR, IndyCar, Tennis, MLB, and more. That method of aggressive quantity had us yearning to produce quality. But the constant repetition sharpened our skills, and eventually, our talent provided us the leeway to insist on heightened production value and increased lead up time that translated to impact for viewers. Now we take the long view, look with multiple perspectives, believe in cultivating the alchemy of relationships, proceed with a thoughtful process and hold an unyielding passion for achieving quality that impacts viewers in a lasting way.


13 Productions have acquired multiple Emmy and Telly Nominations and Awards, which are really just fancy-pants, aggrandizing dust collectors that let folks appreciate the fact that we know what we are doing.

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